The process of tenant improvement involves any changes or renovations made to the interior of an industrial or commercial property to accommodate tenants and improve their quality of life. It is also referred to as “leasehold improvements” by commercial realtors, or a “build-out” by contractors.

Many companies will need to make slight changes to a space to accommodate their business. A tenant’s needs will always take priority when it comes to changing and reconstructing a property. These types of projects can entail everything from alteration, to division and expansion of a facility. Whether you are a tenant, building owner, or property manager, City Wide can help with your tenant improvement project.

Managed Services

At City Wide, we understand that renovations take more than just the labor. Effective project management involves attention to detail and continuous real-time knowledge of completion. We work to conceptualize your vision and have access to the industry’s leading professionals in commercial and office renovation. Our managed services can include:

  • Planning and design: We will arrange interior design professionals to strategize with the space and plan the renovations accordingly. They will work to coordinate and establish workflow accountability before the project begins.
  • Carefully orchestrated delivery: Complete major projects with efficiency and speed when you have City Wide to schedule and manage the right delivery professionals.
  • Interior upgrades: Part of tenant improvement is an aesthetic upgrade to the interior design. Everything from flooring to painting and lighting. This can also include any partitions needed for an office or a reception desk and waiting room.
  • HVAC: Heating, refrigeration, and air conditioning systems should all be up-to-date and maintained on a continuous basis.
  • Plumbing and electrical: City Wide manages leading experts in both the installation and maintenance of plumbing and electrical systems.
  • Fire protection and security systems: Tenant improvement also means the building is protected from fire and also through access. No one should be able to enter without the proper code or identification.

There are always other instances of items that may need to be improved upon, such as breakrooms, office spaces, and elevators. It simply depends on the needs of the tenant and the negotiation with the owner.

Commercial Lease

Customized tenant improvements typically have a useful economic life of anywhere between five and 10 years depending on the installation. This corresponds to the average span of a commercial lease.

Keep in mind that tenant improvements are not building improvements. They must take place inside the walls of the facility. Any improvements to common areas would be considered building improvements, as they can be enjoyed by more than one tenant. This is important because tenant improvements are often part of the lease negotiation process for a business.

City Wide strives to schedule and manage only the key professionals needed to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We realize renovations can disrupt workflow and thus we have a repertoire of the best people on speed dial.

We provide the right commercial and office renovation specialists to walk you through the steps while we manage the high-level details. You will always be informed of what is happening and when it will happen.

Whether your facility needs a new door or an entire addition, City Wide will take everything into consideration and schedule the right professionals to execute it flawlessly. Give us a call today so we can get started on your tenant improvement today!